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This page is the gateway to public relations resources gathered over the years.  Some of the resources presented are for historical purposes and should be reviewed for contemporary application before using in your subcommittee, if applicable.

In addition, there is a wealth of information on NA service and public relations at the NAWS website, take a look at the Local Service Committee Resource area.

On the link bar below you can access pages that display resources for PR work. We divided the pages into categories we think are relevant. For materials on actual public relations work, please start from The Work Itself page.

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There are additional resources for public relations that are available from Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS) through their web site at

You may also directly contact Fellowship Services through their email address at Or you can contact them by postal mail, telephone or fax:

Fellowship Services
Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
PO Box 9999, Van Nuys, CA 91409-9999
Voice: +1-818-773-9999
Fax: +1-818-700-0700

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time. The office is closed on USA holidays. The local standard time is GMT minus 8 hours (advance 1 hour from March to the end of October and return to standard from November through February).

On the Bulletins page of our website you can see a partial list of bulletins authored by the former World Board of Trustees and the current World Board. You can access these bulletins by hyperlink to the NAWS web page here or by clicking on the highlighted text on that page.

Also available on this web site are Published Abstract Papers approved by the former Board of Trustees for use by the Fellowship in presentations and on the Internet and others used for presentations to international organizations. These abstracts are presented for historical purposes and NA World Services should be contacted for the most recently approved abstracts.

We always wish to expand the materials listed here. If you have any resources used for public relations activities that you wish to have included on this site, please contact us (use the form found below).

Below we’ve selected PR materials for your perusual. We’ve provided them in various formats. To download a file, right-click on the desired file format and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” depending on the type and version of the browser you are using.

PDF Files: You will be required to have the Abobe Acrobat Reader program to view the files in the PDF format. The program is free to download and simple to install. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, directly from the Adobe site. There is no charge for this program as it is provided as a courtesy by Adobe. We do not endorse or support Adobe or any other products and have no affiliation with them or any other entity. Please be sure to read their policies concerning the downloading of their software before using their product.

Presentation to Community Social Workers, 6 pages, (available on this web site in English)

Presentation for Social Workers Domestic Abuse (Rich Text File)
Presentation for Social Workers Domestic Abuse (PDF File)
Presentation for Social Workers Domestic Abuse (Word Doc File)

Historical: Open Meeting Anonymity Statement: Open Meeting Anonymity Statement: Used for open meetings or PI presentations, 1 page, available on this web site in English.

Open Meeting Anonymity Statement (Rich Text File)
Open Meeting Anonymity Statement  (PDF File)
Open Meeting Anonymity Statement  (Plain Text File)

Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust: NAWS statement on copyright materials, available on the NAWS web site.

Historical:  A list of commonly/frequently asked questions with suggested answers, available on this web site in English.

FAQ – Q&A at Presentations (Rich Text File)
FAQ – Q&A at Presentations (PDF File)
FAQ – Q&A at Presentations (Plain Text File)

NA Public Information Service Bulletin: “Public Information use of billboards and bus signs.”, available on this site in English.

WSC PI Bulletin on Billboards & Bench Signs (Plain Text File)

Sample Radio Interview: Script of a mock radio interview (revised in 1999), an updated version available on this web site in English.

Sample Radio Interview 1999 (Rich Text File)
Sample Radio Interview 1999 (PDF File)
Sample Radio Interview 1999 (Plain Text File)

Historical: Considerations for Meeting Lists: Suggestions from WSC PI on creating meeting schedules, 1990, available on this web site in English.

Considerations for Meeting Directories (Rich Text File)
Considerations for Meeting Directories (PDF File)
Considerations for Meeting Directories (Plain Text File)

Sample Posters & Flyers: Samples gathered from World Services and PI Committees around the world

See our Sample Posters & Flyers on this web site.

Just for Today Video: Video created by World Services in 1994 primarily to be shown to addicts in treatment centers but still useful in PI presentations

Available for purchase from NAWS (search the online literature store under “Specialty Items”).

Historical: Iowa Judicial Conference – One Good Panel Deserves Another & Court Cards–Contact and Cooperation: This article is from an issue of the PI News in the late 1980’s submitted by the Iowa Regional Public Information Committee, available on this web site in English

Iowa Judicial Conference Article PI News (Rich Text File)
Iowa Judicial Conference Article PI News (PDF File)
Iowa Judicial Conference Article PI News (Plain Text File)

Historical: Press Release Guide: Guidance from the former WSC PI Committee on writing a press release, available on this web site in English.

WSC PI Press Release Guide (Rich Text File)
WSC PI Press Release Guide (PDF File)
WSC PI Press Release Guide (Plain Text File)

Historical: Asia Pacific Forum Presentation Training Kit – Section 3 only – updated version that was presented at the Western States Learning Days Convention, November 2001, available on this web site in English.

APF PI Presentation Training Section 3 only (PDF File Only)

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

There is a wealth of information on NA service and public relations at the NAWS website, take a look at the Local Service Committee Resource area.