Board of Trustee Bulletins

Since October 1983, NA’s World Service Board of Trustees has issued thirty bulletins on a wide variety of topics. During 1995, a number of bulletins were removed after a review and revision process. The following is a short list of the World Services Board of Trustees’ bulletins currently available from the NAWS website, which are free of charge upon request. Include are articles written by the World Board. Use the links provided to directly access them from the NAWS web site or you can see all the currently available bulletins at

Editor’s Note: The graphic at left is an artist’s rendition of what a Trustee might have looked like in the 1990’s.

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Direct Contributions

The following essay was written in 1991 and revised in 1996 and 2002 in response to the issues at that time. Direct group contributions were first accepted as part of A Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous, which was adopted in 1997 and further supported in the IP #25 Self Support: Principle and Practice, adopted in 1998.

Attendance Cards

Bulletin 31 is a “… paper, written in 2002, is meant to serve as a response to the numerous inquiries we have received from groups regarding meeting attendance cards. The meeting attendance card phenomenon is multinational in scope. We are aware of it occurring in parts of North and South America, as well as in Asia, the Pacific Rim, and Europe. Please note, however, that we are working from our North American experience, and your own national or local situation might greatly affect the appropriateness of this bulletin.”

Some Thoughts Regarding our Relationship to Alcoholics Anonymous

“Cooperation, not affiliation.” What does this oft-repeated phrase mean with regard to NA’s relationship to Alcoholics Anonymous? What is our relationship to AA? And what about “AA bashing”? Bulletin #13, November 1985. 3 pages. This bulletin was revised during the 1995-1996 conference year.

The Relationship of Narcotics Anonymous to NarAnon and Families Anonymous

This bulletin has been removed from the NAWS website – April 2004
As individuals, we have tremendous respect for these other fellowships and support the need for them. We must remember, however, that NA, NarAnon, and Families Anonymous are separate fellowships, each with its own purpose. Bulletin #14, August 1987. 2 pages. NL IV.6.

Open and Closed NA meetings

How to use open meetings to carry the message to the community, while maintaining meetings closed to non-addicts that provide a safe haven for NA members. Bulletin #15, originally issued August 1987. 2 pages. The NA Way Magazine. December 1987. This bulletin was revised during the 1995-1996 conference year.

What is Addiction?

When we say addiction in NA, do we mean drug addiction? Is addiction a disease? These questions and others are addressed in Bulletin #17, 1988-89. 2 pages. This bulletin was revised during the 1995-1996 conference year.

Special Interest Meetings

A report from the WSC Ad Hoc Committee on Special Interest Meetings “concluded that special interest meetings must be appropriate in some NA communities since they exist and flourish with little controversy in these communities. In NA communities where special interest meetings do not exist, and where the need for them is not apparent. there is no reason to create them. Groups, therefore, exercising their autonomy are best suited to decide whether there is a necessity to have special interest meetings.” Bulletin #18, April, 1989. 3 pages. This bulletin was revised during the 1995-1996 conference year.

Gender-specific Language and Use of the Word “God” in NA Literature

A preliminary examination of these issues. Bulletin #19, February 1992. 1 page. This bulletin is a February 1992 response to a motion committed to the World Service Board of Trustees by the World Service Conference. It reflects the views of the board at the time of writing.

The Generation of Funds (fundraising) and the Seventh Tradition in Narcotics Anonymous

When we depend on fundraising activity instead of voluntary donations from our members, we create a number of problems for ourselves. Bulletin #21, December, 1991. 3 pages. This article was generated in December 1991 and revised in 2002 in response to the needs of the fellowship. It represents the views at the time of its writing (2002). Link is to the PDF file on

Freedom from Prejudice, Parts 1 and 2

Two articles examine prejudice in NA, becoming aware of it, and doing something about it. Bulletin #20, 1991, 1992. 2 pages.

Public Relations and The Traditions

Thought-provoking essay on the practical and spiritual importance of our public relations and what NA’s Traditions say about our Fellowship’s PI efforts. Bulletin #25, October, 1990. 4 pages.

HIV and AIDS in NA

More on addressing HIV infection. Bulletin #27, April, 1993. 2 pages.

Regarding Methadone and Other Drug Replacement Programs

How is NA service affected by methadone maintenance and other drug replacement therapies? Membership, group autonomy and service are examined in this article. Bulletin #29, June, 1996. 2 pages.

Theft of NA Funds

Responsible management, safeguarding of funds, and selection of trusted servants are noted as ways to minimize misappropriation of NA funds. Methods to inventory and resolve theft issues are also addressed. Bulletin #30, June, 1996. 3 pages.