NA Public Relations Web Site

Aloha and Welcome to the NA Public Relations Web Site!

Our mission is to provide a resource on the world wide web for public relations minded trusted servants in the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous (NA). This site is maintained by members of the Fellowship who wish to share our experience, strength and hope on this important service to NA, so that no addict seeking recovery need die from the horrors of addiction.

For more information about this site, please go to our “History” page.

Who This Website Is For

The information contained in this web site is provided primarily for the use of NA members. If you are not a member of NA, you are welcome to browse our site, however we believe you should begin your research on NA at the Narcotics Anonymous World Services web site. Their site contains relations on our program, links to many official websites for our world-wide fellowship and a meeting locator. You can reach the web site at

The Public Relations page at NAWS can be reached thru this link:

Please note that we use the terms “public information” and “public relations” in different sections or articles.  This is due to the bridging of thought from the previous years of service material before WSC 2006 when the World Board introduced (and the WSC approved) the Public Relations Handbook. Some material  presented here is more for its historical significance rather than for its present value as public relations tools.  Where we can, we will cite this.  Please use discretion when using any of this material presented here within a group, service body or service committee. Please make the effort to use the most current public relations material from your area, region and World Services.

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