Meeting List Samples

Meeting List Samples

Below we provide samples of different meeting schedules from the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany and Turkey (thanks to our contributors). These are samples to give you an idea of how other service committees created their meeting directories. If you have a sample directory you wish to submit to the website, please .use the Contact Us page.

Some of the samples we have are from the 90’s and show how little some directories change.

The examples are presented here as images (JPEG), PDF formatted files or are a word processor type of file. Click on a thumbnail graphic to see the image.

When this site was first started as in 1999, there were few Fellowship websites. Today that are literally hundreds, most offering local meeting directories. There many, many other examples available on the internet, an indication of how the Fellowship has embraced the World Wide Web. We suggest to use the following keywords in your favorite search engine, “meeting directores narcotic anonymous”.

Suffolk County Meeting List December 2001


Big Island Schedule Autumn 2011

Honolulu NA Meeting List January 2012

Japan Region Meeting List June 2003

Northern Germany Meeting List August 2000

Toronto Meeting List February 2012

Canada Atlantic Area Meeting List November 2011

Chicagoland Meeting List January 2012

San Fernando Valley Meeting List March 2012

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