A Brief History of na-pr.org

A Brief History of na-pr.org

This creation of this site began with the collective conscience of members on the former World Service Public Information Committee in 1990’s to further its’ mission. In 1998 the NA Fellowship decided to disband standing committees of the World Service Conference, so the idea was never pursued by that committee or World Services. A WSC PI member from the Hawaii Region presented the idea of creating a web site on public information to the Oahu PI Subcommittee in the latter part of 1998, which the committee decided to support. The website came online in February of 1999.

In the beginning our URL was na-pi.org but we changed it to na-pr.org when “public relations” became the direction for this field of service as directed by the World Service Conference in 2006 with the passing of the “Public Relations Handbook”.

In 2002, a discussion board was created at the suggestion of a NA member from Florida. The na_pi_org discussion board went online in September of that year. As of today (March 31, 2017) we have over 200 members from all over the world participating. We now use Google groups now but hope to one day use our own resources for a “traditional” discussion board hosted by na-pr.org. If you wish to join this discussion group, please send an email to Erik R  at email address na.pr.org.2013(at)gmail(dot)com (replace the (at) with @ sign and the (dot) with a ‘.’)

Over the years the site has grown and changed. NA members world wide have contributed resource material to be shared. If you wish to share PI/PR related material or have suggestions, please contact us for inclusion to our website.

The Future

We hope that the future of this site will reflect the rich and diverse nature of our fellowship in experience and resources. With the approval of the Public Relations Handbook at WSC 2006, we look forward to Narcotics Anonymous “coming out of the shadows” of secrecy and into the light of society at large, so that no addict seeking recovery die from the horrors of addiction.

Erik R
March 2019

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