News Articles on Narcotics Anonymous

Here we present articles on Narcotics Anonymous in the public and public information issues. Some of these articles are from the former WSC PI Committee’s publication entitled “The PI News”, The NA Way Magazine or from World Service Office’s public information resource materials.

If you have good examples of NA in the printed media, please submit it to us through the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will contact you about your submission, mahalo!

September 24, 2003 – Cracking the Habit – An article written in a HMO magazine, Honolulu, Hawaii

May 2003 – One Day at a Time to Beating ‘Ice’ – An article written in the Honolulu Advertiser.

May 2003 – Self-esteem Helped Her Stay Clean – An article written in the Honolulu Advertiser.

May 2003 – Anonymity of Drug Program Helps ‘Responsible Addict’ Clean Up – An article written in the Honolulu Advertiser.

2002 – NAWS Letter on Court Cards – A letter written to an inquiry on signing court cards in NA meetings.

Summer 1999 – Narcotics Anonymous: A Vision of Hope on the Inside; Living the Vision on the Outside – A presentation paper used by NAWS at the American Correctional Association Conference, August 1999

Summer 1999 – Drug Courts: A Public Information Success Story – An article from the NAWS Annual Report.

Fall 1998 – Contingency Planning — An article on how to create a contingency plan from the Asia-Pacific Zonal Forum (used by NAWS as a resource).

Summer 1998 – Diversity and Public Information – An article on diversity and service.

Fall 1997 – Translation of Service Materials -An article written for the NA Way Magazine by WSC PI

Winter 1996 – NA In Your Community, Getting it Started, Keeping It Going – An article written by the World Service Office for presentation at the IFNGO in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Fall 1996 – H&I/ PI Cooperation – An article from WSC PI Subcommittee’s “PI News”

Fall 1996 – PI Behind Bars – An article from WSC PI Subcommittee’s “PI News”

1980’s – New Hope for Addicts – A newspaper article written in Southern California(?).