Radio PSAs

These audio recordings used for radio public service announcements were created in the 1980’s. They were removed from the World Services product catalog in 1997. The former Board of Directors for the World Service Office decided to remove these audio tapes because of the lack of sales over the years.

A probable cause for the drop in Fellowship interest in this product is that radio stations (at least in the United States) were more frequently requesting scripts to read on the air rather than play a recording.

March 5, 2012: We recently checked with the WSO and they no longer offer the recordings although in past years they did if someone asked!  The PR team advised us that there are locally developed radio PSA recordings available in the Local Service Committee Resources section at the NAWS website.  For the PSAs, use the following link

Six recordings were produced and are listed below. Most computers today have the proper software to play the files (MP3). If your computer or device does not have a compatible media player, there are many resources on the World Wide Web to obtain the proper software for your computer or device to play them.

We also include the script for each PSA. The printed text is used when submitting PSAs to radio stations to document the content of the PSA. It can also be used in the situation where a radio station want to read the script rather than play the recording.

If you wish to work on radio PSA project, see our Radio PSA Project Tips Page for helpful information.