Basic Public Information Guide

The Basic Public Information Guide was created by the former WSC Public Information Committee to help a growing fellowship outside the United States and the English speaking countries that had access to the information contained in A Guide To Public Information.


At the 1992 WSC in Dallas, Texas, a mass protest by non-North American regions resulted in the discussion that we (the WSC) was not serving the world wide fellowship as well as we HAD thought. This was the inspiration for the WSC PI Committee, led by Susan B and Tony W, to create the “PIG” as we fondly called it. Erik R and Joe Y lead other members of the committee to create the “PIG” at the WSC held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1994.

Basic Public Information Guide:  Created as a simplified, translatable guide for public information subcommittees, 1995, 6 pages:

  (PDF File)

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Public Relation Basics

Because of the introduction of the Public Relations Handbook, World Services has removed the Basic PI Guide off of the website. Replacing it is the “PR Basics”, now available as a PDF file from NA World Services:  

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