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Below is a list of abstract papers written by Narcotics Anonymous World Services in the 1990’s for presentation to global organizations such as the International Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations (IFNGO) and the International Council on Alcoholism and Addiction (ICAA). In 1995 the External Affairs Committee of the former World Board of Trustees sought and received approval from the full Board of Trustees to distribute the papers to the NA Fellowship for use in public information activities.

We present theses abstracts for their historical value. The “Facts About Narcotics Anonymous” is still used by NA World Services (renamed to “information About NA). It has been edited into a pamphlet that is very useful for reaching professionals. It can be found on their website (2010 edition as of this writing, March 6, 2012). The important updates includes the changing demographics such as the number meetings world-wide, the number of languages the Basic Text has been translated for example.

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How to Use These Abstracts As Presentation Papers

Description of the following abstracts papers and proper usage for. 2 pages, available on this web site in English:

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Facts About Narcotics Anonymous

An abstract presented by World Services to the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions (ICAA), 18th International Institute on the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence, July 1990. Describes NA’s historic roots, how our recovery program works, and how our service organization operates. 5 pages, available on this web site:

 (PDF File)
 (PDF File)

Narcotics Anonymous: A Commitment to Community Partnerships

An abstract presented to the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions (ICAA), 37th International Congress on Alcohol and Drug Dependence September 1995. Addressed specifically to addiction care providers. 8 pages, available on this web site:

 (PDF File)

Narcotics Anonymous and Harm Minimization Strategies

An abstract presented to the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions (ICAA) in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1995. This event’s theme concerned “Harm Minimization” as public policy. “…A self-help society known as Narcotics Anonymous should be included as one valuable component in any national or community strategy to reduce and prevent the harmful effects of the use of alcohol and other drugs.” Available on this web site:

 (PDF File)
 (PDF File)

Narcotics Anonymous: In Co-operation with Therapeutic Communities Worldwide

An abstract presented to government and non-government agencies in Singapore during a joint effort of World Services and the Asia Pacific Forum (SCORE). “This paper identifies key factors affecting NA’s interactions with others, points out means by which professionals can contact Narcotics Anonymous, long-established means of direct interaction between NA and professionals, a number of strategies to facilitate client/resident introduction and entry into Narcotics Anonymous, and a description of what clients will find when they attend NA meetings and meet NA members.” Available on this web site:

 (PDF File)

Another option to reduce recidivism through access to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

We’ve added the PowerPoint files and a separate paper used for a presentation to correctional facility personnel (January 2007) entitled “Another option to reduce recidivism through access to Narcotics Anonymous Meetings”. Available on this web site:

 (PDF File)
 (PowerPoint )

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